::Spring wreath
::Red roses arrangement
::Seasonal bouquet
::Spring arrangement
::Hand tied bouquet with paeonia
::Arrangement – iron
::Papier mâché base with hydrangea
::Arrangement with basil and small white flowers
::Amphora with chamomile
::Arrangement – elegance
::Rabbit – santini kermitt
::Cubes with colorful flowers
::Heart made by rose petals
::Coca Cola – vintage arrangement
::Little bear
::Laundry – arrangement with viburnum
::Yellow roses arrangement
::Arrangement with artificial flowers
::Arrangement with dried strips and phalaenopsis
::Table decoration with vanda orchids
::Floral object
::Hydrangea arrangement

Personal, important moments. Moments where the flowers say everything words cannot. For loved ones and friends, ideas for gifts that touch sensitive chords and offer, on that day, the colour and liveliness of flowers and at the same time the authenticity of art.

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