wedding decoration

::Aegina Island, chapel decoration
::Garland - chapel decoration - Aegina Island
::Wedding candles rustic decoration
::Spheres of rope & gypsophylle - chapel decor
::Reception - tables arrangements
::Original buffet decor
::Monograms of hydrangea
::Beach wedding ceremony, coral decoration
::Elegant table arrangements
::Braid - car decor
::Hanging braids - chapel decor in Mykonos Island
::Wreathes of gypsophylle & tanacetum for the wedding candles
::Milleflor bouquet arrangements
::Simple & beautiful reception decoration
::Milleflor bouquet - car decor
::Seaside chapel decor
::'Pebbles' - centerpiece - Santorini Island wedding
::Eco-friendly aisle decor
::Hanging wreath of tanacetum - country chapel decoration
::Aisle decoration with basils
::Braid of gypsophylle - church decor
::Bark birch cube arrangements
::Christmas wedding church decoration
::Impressive hanging garlands - reception decor
::Exceptional table decoration
::Aisle decoration
::Wreathes - church decoration
::Car decor
::'Pebbles' -  minimal wedding decoration - Spetses Island
::'Pebbles' - wedding candles
::Aisle to the sea - Sifnos Island
::Multiple hanging wreathes - Sifnos Island
::Art de la table
::Minimal chic wedding candles
::Pillow for the crowns
::'Pebbles' – centerpiece
::'Pebbles' - summer wedding reception decor
::Chapel decoration – garland with natural materials
::Elegant wedding candles
::Wedding table decor with natural pebbles & vanda
::Romantic church decoration - wreathes of gypsophylle & orchids
::'Twins' - Unique wedding candles
::Reception tables arrangements
::'Cubes' - wedding candles
::Car decor

Your wedding, a moment so special and unique, finally acquires your personality. The flowers, natural materials but not only that, will give the touch and style to the party of your life. Here we will design, exclusively for you, everything that will make your wedding stand out to the last detail. Candles, bridal bouquets, accessories for the bride and bridesmaids, cushions for the wreaths , handmade favors, ideas for the centrepiece and the decoration of the reception area and church.

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