favors - invitations

::Pebble favor 'Dream'
::Pebble favor 'Rhodes'
::Favor 'pop'
::Favor & invitation 'elegant'
::Favor - papier mâché pebble
::Favor 'lucky boat'
::Eco friendly favor - hyacinth
::Favor 'breeze'
::Favor 'rustic'
::Pebble favor 'chic'
::Invitation 'paeonia'
::Pebble favor 'bloomy'
::Pebble favor 'heart'
::Invitation 'unique'
::Wedding favor 'furosiki'

Your wedding, a moment so special and unique, finally acquires your personality. The flowers, natural materials but not only that, will give the touch and style to the party of your life. Here we will design exclusively for you, everything that will make your wedding stand out, to the last detail. Candles, bridal bouquets, accessories for the bride and bridesmaids, cushions for the wreaths , handmade favors, ideas for the centrepiece and the decoration of the reception area and church.

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